How much like the real exams are your questions?

Our team takes particular pride in its on-going process of crafting literally thousands of questions, all of which have been peer-reviewed. We've been doing this a long time, and are privileged to maintain an active relationship with Transport Canada. We've seen the exam papers. You want the answers? Sure, we'll show you one better: how to develop the knowledge.

With so much free stuff, why buy?

Why indeed. Sure you can spend your time trawling the internet for free information. However there's a reason why it's free: some of it is useful, some not so much - and some is outright dangerous. If your objective in flight training is to achieve respectful safety through knowledgeable decision making, ACE can help you do this in a timely manner.

Why ACE?

Thanks for asking. Created by recognized aviation experts, ACE supports ALL Canadian pilots exams and allows you to move faster through ground school with a higher retention of critical knowledge - saving you time, stress, effort & money.

Who is iFlyFGU?

The iFlyFGU team includes active flight instructors, pilots at all stages of our training, published authors, experienced exam setters, and others sharing a common passion for exceling in Canadian aviation. We like nothing better than to use these skills to help our students succeed.

Where do the cool images come from?

Beautiful, aren't they? Most have been taken by Mr. Chuck Clark, who has graciously given us permission to include them: He says they are "just snaps", we consider them art. However one or two are remarkable by the aircraft position, such as inverted flight: these we are privileged to have been provided by Canada's #1 aerobatic pilot Pete McLeod. Well you did want to be in world-class company, right?

I've got a related question...

Great! Please visit our contact page, we look forward to hearing from you.