Administrator Portal

Overseeing day-to-day administrative requirements at a flight training unit requires extreme patience! How to keep a smile, with a seemingly endless series of interruptions while trying to ensure adherence to standard operating procedures? Our team at iFlyFGU works closely with such remarkable individuals, so we understand the importance of offering a helping hand where possible.

Reducing Administrative Workload

We realize you may have a busy time juggling many roles, whether being standby-dispatcher, working the radio, answering the phone and much more besides. Whatever your role, chances are that administering written exams is one of those tasks that requires scheduling, management, and paperwork tracking. Our expertese is in ground school knowledge testing, and we can help you work with candidates to make this process straightforward.

If you want to reduce your management hassles when administering written flight exams, the ACE Administrator Portal is for you. Please reach out to us by visiting our contact page for more information.