Private Pilot Licence - Aeroplane (PPAER)

Applying for a private pilot license requires having completed a minimum of 40 hours private pilot aeroplane ground school instruction on a number of mandated subjects, such as the Canadian Aviation Regulations, the theory of flight, and human factors. In addition, you need to have obtained a minimum of 60% in four mandatory areas (air law, navigation, meteorology and aeronautics) as well as the overall written exam Private Pilot Licence - Aeroplane (PPAER).

Ideally the ground school will parallel your dual flight instruction and solo practice. It is widely acknowledged that the amount and quality of self-study for the PPAER will go a long way to reducing exam preparation time and result in a higher retention of critical knowledge. ACE is not designed to just meet Transport Canada minimums, it guides your success towards being a safer pilot to make flying more fun.