Pilot Permit - Recreational - Aeroplane (RPPAE)

Many student pilots work towards their Recreational Pilot Permit as an affordable way to get started in aviation. Although attending formal ground school is not required for an RPP flight test application, you do need to have obtained a minimum of 60% in four mandatory areas (air law, navigation, meteorology and aeronautics) as well as the overall written exam Pilot Permit - Recreational - Aeroplane (RPPAE) - or Private Pilot Licence - Aeroplane (PPAER), see below.

Whether or not you attend ground school, as you prepare for this exam, ACE can help support your studies by helping you identify weak areas that require additional work to bring them up to standard. Moreover by broadening your depth of knowledge using ACE, you will experience an easier transition should you later choose to upgrade to a PPL.